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Please read thoroughly the following Terms and Conditions that rule the Access and usage of this web site. The access and/or usage of this website implies the full submission without reserves to each and every term and condition established in this document, if you do not accept in full these terms and conditions, please do not continue. Aymesa S.A. reserves the right to modify, at any given moment and without previous consultation these terms and conditions, which will be in force the day they are published in this web site.

Characteristics of the information contained in this web site

Aymesa S.A. does not guarantee nor assumes any responsibility regarding the exactitude or integrity of the information contained in this web site. This web site contains general referential-only information and denies any responsibility for the use of this web site or any linked sites and the information contained in them. Any information contained or referenced in this web site is published for as informative only. In no case shall the contained information be considered otherwise. This web site may contain incomplete or unverified information, given that this this information is published for referential purposes and may not be complete or precise to the needs of any specific user´s needs.

The information contained in this web site does not constitute any sort of offer, assessment, advice or suggestion of purchase, disposition or any type of transaction regarding Aymesa S.A.´s stocks, papers o securities or its related companies.


This web site provides the user with links that allows the to access third party information. The sole objective of this links is to inform the user and by no means implies any sort of suggestion, invitation or recommendation nor any association with the third parties linked. Aymesa S.A. is not responsible for any eventual damage, moral or material, direct or indirect to the user that may derive from the use of the information contained in the referenced third party links.

Obligations and responsibilities of the user

The user commits to use this web site and all the information contained in it according to law, good will and honesty. In consequence each user commits no to use the information contained in this web site for any unlawful activity. Furthermore the user commits to not using this site in any kind of spam related activity.

The user is responsible for any damage caused to Aymesa S.A. or any other related company that may arise from the failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions expressed in this document. Aymesa reserves it´s right to raise any legal action against any user in order to prevent, detain, correct and/or sanction any violation of the terms and conditions of this document o the law. It is Aymesa S.A.´s prerogative, without prior warning, to restrict or suspend the access to any user whom at Aymesa S.A.´s judgment does not understand, or comply with this document or uses the information published in this web site for unlawful purposes.

Aymesa S.A. se reserva el derecho de iniciar contra cualquier usuario las acciones legales que sean del caso para prevenir, detener, corregir y/o sancionar cualquier violación a este documento o a la ley. Igualmente, Aymesa S.A. podrá, a su entera discreción y sin que se requiera preaviso alguno, restringir y/o suspender el acceso a cualquier usuario que a criterio de Aymesa S.A. desconozca este documento o haga uso indebido o ilegal de este Sitio Web.


Aymesa S.A. does not guarantee in any way the availability and/or continuity of this web site. Aymesa S.A. excludes any responsibility for damage of any nature that may arise from the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of this web site, or any of its sections. The user accepts that the access to this web site or any of its sections is at complete responsibility and risk of the user. Neither Aymesa S.A. nor any other third party involved in the development, production or publication of this web site, are liable of any damage derived from the use or impossibility of use of this web site. The user acknowledges and understands the risks involved with the use of the internet including the risk of damage to the user´s software and hardware that may derive from the access and use of this web site. Aymesa S.A. is not liable for any damage of any nature that may arise from the existence of viruses or any malware linked to this website or any of its sections.

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This document is ruled by the current law of the Republic of Ecuador. The user, in any case, submits to the jurisdiction and competence of the Ecuadorian Judicial System in the city of Quito.

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