Aymesa was established in 1970 as a Vauxhall and Bedford dealer. Three years later Aymesa begins its path as the pioneering company in Ecuadorian auto industry. On 1973 the BTV (Basic Transport Vehicle), a Project originally conceived to be implemented in various emerging countries worldwide that only came to a successful implementation in Ecuador, with the production of the “Andino” model.

The “Andino” model included a Vauxhall 1.4 liter engine over a Bedford Chassis, a very simple vehicle that spawn sever variations in the following years, keeping in its essence the simplicity of its original design.

Beginning in 1975, Aymesa ventured in the production of vehicles with fiberglass bodyworks. A customized version of the worldwide successful Opel Cadet was produced all the way to 1981. This vehicle will be renowned in Ecuador as the “Condor”, a powerful and light model that in several occasions proved its worth in sporting competitions.

On 1981 Aymesa acquires its first metallic bodywork welding stations. On this year GM´s Chevette is launched beginning a 12-year chapter that will include many models for renowned world manufacturers such as Suzuki, GM and Datsun.

In 1996 Aymesa makes a vast investment in its manufacturing facilities, the on the one hand duplicates the overall installed productive capacity. On the other this investment procures a new Primer application by cathode electro deposition through immersion facility.

By 1999 Aymesa begins its commercial relationship with the Korean Manufacturer KIA Motors, a very successful relationship which is up to date still maintained. Furthermore, the assembling of KIA has models has consistently broken all our production records every year, as the most manufactures brand in Aymesa.

In 2011, Aymesa expands its operation with a brand new independent truck assembling facility. As of today Aymesa Assembles 4 different Hyundai Truck model.

This is Aymesa, a company with the upmost experience in the Ecuadorian market, which has become a very successful exported of world class vehicles.